The Risks of Penis Enlargement Surgery (Phalloplasty)

From the reading I have been doing and all the sites I have been looking at, seems like there are quite a few risks involved with Penis Enlargement Surgery.

Here are a few:

  1. Complete, permanent erectile dysfunction that is uncorrectable – OK, this seems to be the a big risk, but piercing my penis supposedly had the same risks if they hit a nerve and I did that so….
  2. Complete Permanent Uncorrectable Partial E.D. – Same as above.
  3. Correctable E.D. – 1/1000 is a reasonable figure.
  4. Permanent loss of full or partial sensation – 1/1000 – again a reasonable figure.
  5. Bleeding – during surgery – 1 /2000
  6. Bleeding – after surgery 1/700
  7. Infection – Deep 1/1500, Superficial 1/200
  8. Keloid or large visible scars or pigment problems – African American – less than 3%, Asian less than 3%, Caucasian undetermined
  9. Complete loss of fat transferred – 1/600 (usually able to be replaced).
  10. Incidence of lumps, or uneven appearance of fat – less than 5% – easily correctable.
  11. No gain in length – about 3-4% usually because instructions are not followed properly.
  12. Actual loss of length – less than 1%- again usually because instructions are not followed correctly or some unforeseen circumstances, e.g., bicycle or auto accident, etc. –Once again this doesn’t seem like one of the ones I’d like.

Other factors can play a role in the outcome and satisfaction you feel with the procedure, such as:

  • Emotional or personality changes and mental difficulties such as excitement or depression can develop even when the operation has been otherwise successful and can adversely affect the outcome.
  • Additional operations may be necessary to improve things.

So sounds like its really something you have to consider on a 1 to 1 basis. Is it for everyone, NO, but I’m willing to risk it and live with the outcome.

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