Why do I want to get my Penis Enlarged (Phalloplasty)?

So, I guess I never dealt with why I want to get My Penis enlarged, maybe I did, but I’ll tell you again anyway. I’ve never been told that my Penis is small, actually a few woman have told me its large. When I look at the statistics it appears as though I am right at or just a bit above average. I think I’m coming it at right about 6.5 inches when its erect. I think its more of a confidence thing. Yes I know its not like everyone will see my Penis, but its just something inside me that will know.

MRSPENIS tells me that I’m big enough all the time, but the thought of seeing her face as I stick a thicker and longer Penis inside her just really does something for me. I’m sure she won’t complain. Maybe I am big enough, but does it really hurt to be bigger? I’ve been thinking about this for years, so at some point I either just need to stop thinking about it or do it.

Some woman say its just a confidence thing when they have their breasts enlarged, so in my opinion for a man its the same way. Doesn’t matter if anyone sees it.

I’ve had a couple comments now about what MRSPENIS thinks about me getting my Penis enlarged, does she approve etc. Well I’ve decided to open this up a bit, the next posting will be from her. She can give her side of the story, she know’s I’ve wanted this for quite a while, talked about it for a while, so lets here what she has to say.

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