11 Days from Penis Enlargement Surgery

So, the years have gone by where I have thought about having Penis Enlargement Surgery done and now I’m just 11 short days from my thoughts becoming a reality.

To take it one step further not only am I going in to have it lengthened, but I am also going for the girth or Penis thickening as well. In all my years of thinking about it, I have only ever really thought about having my Penis made longer, not thickened as well, so this is kind of a bonus for me.

I don’t think its really set in yet, to me it still seems like a dream or something I’m only thinking about. But I guess its got to be more than that at this point since its paid for. I would hope I’m not just going to give away $7000. Maybe next week it when I’m just a few days away from the date or when I’m buying a train ticket it will really set in.

I can’t really say that I am nervous about this right now, I guess more anxious. Maybe I’m making less out of this than I should be, maybe I should be worried about this Surgery, but right now I’m not.

I’ve still been doing research, haven’t really found out any more than I did in the last few years, I guess I’m just making sure I’ve read all there is to read etc.

I was expecting to get a few more posts or questions about this than I am. I know there are other guys out there (lots of them) that are thinking about having this done or have already had this done. Am I doing the wrong thing? What should I expect out of this. If you’ve had this done, please post a comment and let me know.

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